The Atmosphere Choir

On 23rd March 2020, the United Kingdom went into the first of a series of lockdowns that would isolate people and pull apart communities that were created to bring people together.

The Atmosphere Choir was established in 2010. When our regular Friday sessions could no longer happen due to the lockdown, we needed to find a new way to keep our singers connected. Together we discovered Zoom choir – a way in which choir could continue throughout the pandemic whilst ensuring the safety of all our members. In late 2021 we slowly returned back to face to face sessions but retained the Zoom element for more vulnerable members.


of choir members asked, enjoy coming to the choir.


parents/carers think their daughter/sons’ confidence has increased since joining the choir.


of parents and carers are satisfied with the choir.

What are the parents/carers saying?

“The choir provides a positive experience and an opportunity for its members to shine. It showcases the skills and hard work of our young people and demonstrates that music is for all.”

“Our son/daughter enjoys choir and is able to attend independently and socialise during the sessions.”

“The choir leaders are excellent at getting the best out of young people while also appreciating their limitations.”

“Arts should always be accessible for all ages and abilities, my daughter/son’s life would be a dull place without Pulp Friction.”