Pulp Friction Gardens

Gardening Projects

We deliver gardening projects across Nottinghamshire; at the Bestwood Community Garden, the Dig In allotment in Stapleford and in our Greenhouse at JHQ. We also deliver gardening in the community.All the food we grow is used within our social enterprise, with any waste composted to support a more sustainable approach

Pulp Friction Gardens

Bestop Community Garden

Just around the corner from the café we maintain the Bestop Community Garden that has a polytunnel, raised beds, a worm farm and fruit cage. This is a young garden and we have been working on it for the last 2 years – starting from a blank canvas to this lovely productive plot. We are in the garden most days.

JHQ Greenhouse

We have just completed our first year gardening here – setting up raised beds and a heated bench, planting some apple trees and composting and rainwater collection. We also have a solar powered watering system on this site to keep the plants watered. We grow veg to be used in the café on this site.

Dig In Allotment

On Wednesdays, Members from Pulp Friction can be found working hard on the Dig In community allotment at Stapleford, tending our fruit cages and beds and working alongside the volunteers to keep the rest of the allotment in good order. It is a beautiful space.

We also enjoy looking after gardens for City Arts in Nottingham and other businesses and community groups. Occasionally Members are also given the opportunity to support Beth the Gardener in her customer’s gardens across Nottingham.

What do we grow here?


We are committed to sustainable practices across our projects, and this extends to our horticulture work too. We have worm farms, composting bays and rainwater collection at all of our sites. We recycle food from both the café and canteen using these facilities.

All our compost is peat free and we use the worm juice we produce to feed our plants organically. We also rescue surplus supermarket plants and sell them to reinvest in our gardening projects. Wherever we can we recycle materials, be it plant pots, pallets or wheel trims!

Daisy with dirty hands

We are working towards complete sustainability by using our own produce and reducing the amount of commercial waste that we create.

We don't do waste

We try to reuse everything we possibly can, even down to our waste. We support our staff and members to minimise waste by using both traditional compost bins alongside our fabulous wormeries. We also have a new dedicated composting section in our allotment at Bessell Lane in Stapleford.