How can I join in at Pulp Friction?


Potential members, parents and social care workers are invited to HQ for an induction.

Taster Day Arranged

We will invite you in for a full taster day.

Booking In

If the full taster day is enjoyed, then we will book our new member in for their first day!

First Review

After 6 weeks, we will conduct the first one-to-one review to discuss the great progress made.

6-Monthly Reviews

We will then check in every six months to be sure that our new member is getting everything they need from us.

Our Core Services

cooking cafe

Day Support Services

Our day services are based across the East Midlands and are dedicated to supporting people with learning disabilities and Autism in getting ready for independent living and working.

cooking cafe

Community Services

Our community services are there to support the community, we are proud to support local groups, clubs and events with catering and entertainment. We believe in creating closer communities.

cooking cafe


We are supporters of our greener planet, we work closely with FareShare and Urban Wormto help support a more sustainable enterprise model that is able to benefit us as well as our users.

Would you like to get involved?

At Pulp Friction CIC, we are always on the lookout for people eager to get into work. Whether that is as a support worker or as part of our kitchen staff.

We take great pride in all our staff succeeding with us, we would love to have you as part of our team.

What do we do?

Pulp Friction Community Interest Company is a growing social enterprise based in the East Midlands. We support people with a variety of learning disabilities and/ or autism to get into the world of work. Established in 2009 Pulp Friction started with a smoothie bike, a mobile phone and a laptop but mainly a desire for work.

Jessie (Pulp Friction co-founder and Director) wanted to get into work in her local area, however, found that local businesses were not going to be able to accommodate her needs in the workplace, this is where the desire for work started.

Since 2009 we have supported hundreds of Learning Disabled and Autistic adults build their confidence and skillset, ready to be a part of a working environment.


Community Events

Our community events support the community in delivering high quality and enjoyable events.


Catering Enterprises

Our catering enterprises, support the local community as well as use a sustainable directive.


Environmental Initiatives

We want to support the environment, we believe in composting food, regrowing what we dont use and collecting surplus food from supermarkets.


Education & Qualifications

We educate all our members to the highest possible standard, offering all our members the best possible way into full-time work.


Social Activities

Join one of our social activities and be a part of the great work we do at Pulp Friction. Our social activities are designed to bring communities together.

Your Donations Mean everything to us...

As a non-profit organization our aim is to improve the lives of others. We would like to open up our donations so that you too can support the great work that we are doing here at Pulp Friction. Use the form opposite to set up a monthly donation to us or just set it up as a one-off donation amount, all your support is so welcomed.

Thank you for your support.